Now Hiring: Director for Health Outreach Services

Oct 23, 2023

AVOL Kentucky, Inc

1824 Hill Rise Drive STE 100

Lexington, KY 40504


 Job Title: Director of Health Outreach Services

 Job Description:

The Director of Health Outreach Services is responsible for overseeing and expanding a range of health outreach programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of the community, with a particular focus on building health equity for marginalized populations and individuals with significant medical vulnerabilities, including the economically disadvantaged, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ individuals, the elderly, the homeless, those with HIV/AIDS, and those with other chronic health conditions, including severe mental illness and substance use disorders. The Director manages existing AVOL programs such as HIV, HCV, and STI testing while designing and implementing outreach strategies to connect with target populations. The position addresses healthcare inequities, secures funding for new programs, builds community partnerships, and educates the medical community about the specific medical issues affecting low-income populations and creating better access to healthcare.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Program Oversight: Manage and oversee the current HIV, HCV, and STI testing programs to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency. Oversee accurate set-up of medical record keeping while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Facilitates monthly reporting and utilizes data analysis to inform decisions and strategy development.

  • Health Education and Screening: Expand health education and screening programs to reach a wider audience, especially among marginalized communities.

  • Outreach Strategy: Develop outreach strategies tailored to the target population’s needs, ensuring effective engagement and communication.

  • Healthcare Inequities: Identify and address healthcare inequities within the community, working to reduce disparities in access to healthcare services.

  • Funding Acquisition: Identify funding opportunities, write successful grant proposals, and secure funding for new programs and initiatives.

  • Medical Community Engagement: Build relationships with the medical community, including healthcare providers and organizations, to educate them about low-income populations’ health issues.

  • Community Partnerships: Establish and maintain partnerships with community organizations, nonprofits, and local government agencies to enhance the reach and impact of health outreach services.

  • Personnel Management: Supervise and manage a team of staff involved in various outreach, testing, and other outreach programming.

  • Organizational Leadership: Provide leadership within the organization, ensuring that the health outreach services align with the overall mission, goals, and strategic plan.

Job Requirements:

Education: A master’s degree in a relevant field such as healthcare administration, nursing, public health, or a similar lot is preferred.

Experience: At least five years of relevant experience in healthcare outreach and program management, with a track record of success in grant writing, program development, and program implementation. Three years’ experience working in a clinical setting, designing medical record-keeping systems, data collection, and client management.

Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and organizational skills, with the ability to effectively manage and inspire a team of outreach employees.

Community Engagement: Demonstrated experience building community partnerships and working with diverse populations, particularly marginalized communities.

Advocacy: A deep understanding of healthcare inequities and a commitment to advocating for improved healthcare access and outcomes for underserved populations.

This role is crucial in addressing health disparities and improving the community’s health. The Director of Health Outreach Services will be pivotal in expanding and enhancing outreach efforts while advocating equitable healthcare access and outcomes for all. Health equity and outreach are areas the Board of Directors highlighted for expansion. Under the direction of the Director of Health Outreach Services, this functional area of the organization will grow in programming and staff size.

Applicants must demonstrate experience working with communities and people disproportionately impacted by HIV; be collaborative, cooperative, enthusiastic, open-minded, and non-judgmental attitude; have the Ability to work a flexible schedule including some nights and weekends with notice; ability to use standard office wordprocessing, spreadsheet and presentation software; ability and comfort making presentations to groups of all sizes; valid KY driver’s license and personal vehicle; and private vehicle must meet minimal safety standards and auto insurance must be maintained at all times.

The position is a full-time, exempt, primary organizational leader.

Reports to the Associate Executive Director works collaboratively with the Executive Director and other program managers and staff.

Salary range: $56,000 – $68,000

Open until filled. For consideration, please submit an updated resume and cover letter to