AVOL Kentucky, We're in this together.


Dear AVOL Friends:

Social Distancing is counterintuitive to who we are! This has been our greatest challenge as we’ve navigated and adjusted to our current service delivery reality. We know the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone, and we offer you a cordial and heartfelt greeting, encouragement, and thank you for your continued support. We hope you and your family are doing well and staying well.

We look forward to reconnecting with you when we are all clear to practice Social Closeness! As Governor Beshear continues to say: “We will get through this!”

Sharing with You, feel free to share with others:


  • AVOL remains open for business (although virtually), service requests are up, higher than average over the past three days. The economic impact is real for our clients, especially those working in the service industry.



  • Prevention and education related to HIV, Hep C, and STI continue. We can also continue to provide prevention supplies on demand. Our only limitation right now is testing. However, we will continue to explore solutions.



  • For all service requests, please call (859)225-3000 or check the staff contact list and email addresses found at www.avolky.org. For information about broader social services, dial 2-1-1, and the folks at United Way 2-1-1 can assist. 



  • Our number one priority has been and will remain the safety and wellbeing of all seeking services and support. We’ve encouraged anyone needing AVOL’s assistance to reach out via telephone or email. As you know, so many served by AVOL are medically vulnerable. They would be particularly susceptible to complications should they come in contact with the Coronavirus. 


  • AIDS Walk 2020 on April 26th. We are working with our partners and sponsors on an alternative plan. Stay up to date at www.avolky.org/Walk2020 as information will be available soon.



  • Many of our Dining Out For Life partners are open for “to go” orders, gift cards, and delivery. Support local businesses in any way you can. 



  • Many have asked about donations. The need is and will continue to be great. Donations are being accepted at www.avolky.org or by mail to AVOL Kentucky 365 Waller Ave, Suite 100, Lexington KY 40504. 


It is a privilege to serve our community. AVOL Kentucky will continue to do everything we can to keep the flow of our services as seamless as possible, safely and thoughtfully. We appreciate and are grateful to our loving and supportive community.

We look forward to providing you with additional information soon. Still, we wanted to share a quick update with you today. Please stay well, everyone, and be sure to find ways to connect with others in some way. Together, we’ll move forward STRONGER than ever! 


Jon Parker
AVOL, Executive Director