AVOL Kentucky’s continuum of service is focused on the following areas:

  • Outreach to persons at-risk, harm reduction education and HIV, Hepatitis C, and other STI screenings
  • Other health screenings, connectivity to available health, medical and pharmacy programs, and empowerment education
  • Crisis alleviation and support for stable housing
  • Increased access to quality and affordable housing for persons who are medically vulnerable
  • Connectivity to substance use treatment
  • Ensuring ongoing connectivity to medical care, pharmacy, nutrition, wellness, and empowerment services

By achieving lower levels of HIV in the body of the person living with HIV, the risk that the virus will spread to others is greatly reduced. AVOL’s continuum of services contributes to this extremely important health outcome.

Our prevention and education services are based on the fact that HIV is 100% preventable, and that 13% of people living with HIV do not know their status. AVOL estimates that 3,000 individuals in central and eastern Kentucky are living with HIV. We can help you know your status and we connect you to PrEP, a once daily pill that can prevent HIV transmission. We can also provide you with free prevention supplies. 

Our Client Services are open every Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM, and Fridays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

Our Prevention Services are open without appointment on Monday and Wednesday, from 3 PM to 8 PM, and on Thursday from 3 PM to 6 PM. All other times by appointment, call (859)225-3000 x30 to schedule. 

AVOL’s Service Continuum

Community Awareness and Engagement

You will see AVOL and numerous community events and gatherings throughout the year, sharing our message of good health to as many as will listen.

Fighting Stigma

HIV stigma acts as a major barrier to HIV prevention and care. At AVOL, we often work with individuals who face this kind of prejudice firsthand,  often from the people they expect to love and support them most. Stigma related to rejection, discrimination, violence and hate will feed on silence, shame and misinformation. AVOL speaks out boldly in its actions, words, and education.

Prevention Supply Distribution

Free condoms, lube, needle cleaning kits, and other supplies increase access to and affordability of prevention supplies.


Allen’s Market | 1918 Oxford Circle
BCTC – Oswald Building | 470 Cooper Drive
Bluegrass Community Health | 1306 Versailles Rd #120
Botany Bay | 420 W New Circle Rd
Catalina Motel | 208 W New Circle Rd
Catholic Action Center | 1055 Industry Rd
CD Central | 377 S Limestone
HairClips + | 2325 Woodhill Drive
Hook Novelty | 940 Winchester Rd
Imperial Liquor Store | 1465 Village Drive
La Princesa Supermercado | 1430 Village Drive
Pride Center | 389 Waller Avenue Suite 100
Purple Haze | 635 E New Circle Rd
Purple Haze | 1236 Versailles Rd
Romantix | 933 Winchester Rd
San Francisco Market | 1916 Oxford Circle
Signature Liquor | 325 S Limestone
Sqecial Media | 371 S Limestone
The Album | 371 S Limestone
Tienda de Oman | Maple & 7th
Winburn Convenience | 1116 Winburn Drive


AVOL connects with persons at-risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and builds relationships of trust with them in their neighborhoods or places where they spend time. AVOL shares with them life saving information about reducing risk and accessing testing, supplies and other health services.

HIV Testing

Knowledge of HIV status is empowering. When people test negative, they are in a better position to assess – and modify – their risk behaviors to help them stay uninfected. When people learn they are infected, research shows that if they take steps to protect their own health and prevent transmission to others. Linkage to care after a positive test helps ensure people receive life-saving medical care and treatment and helps reduce their risk of transmitting HIV ​

Harm reduction education

AVOL meets people where they are rather than making judgements about where they should be in terms of their personal health. Harm reduction focuses on offering a full set of information and options proven to help mitigate health risks associated with unprotected sex, access to PrEP, drug use, needle sharing, and other individual factors. AVOL promotes HIV “treatment as prevention”, HIV testing and other screenings, condom and barrier use, informed drug-risk, connectivity to needle exchange services, needle cleaning, wound care, access to drug treatment services and associated medications.

Information and Referral

Our case managers and prevention specialists are knowledgeable of other available services and make frequent referrals depending on the specifics of each situation. Dial 2-1-1 at United Way anytime for up to date service information and referrals.

Empowerment Education

AVOL offers monthly prevention and empowerment workshops covering topics ranging from financial literacy and planning, accessing mainstream banking, substance abuse and mental health resources, general wellness, and increased access to employment. Empowerment seminars are available to all individuals served by AVOL as well as interested community members. ​

PrEP Navigation

PrEP is a medication that can help reduce the risk of HIV transmission. AVOL’s prevention specialists and housing assistance coordinators maintain referral relationships with medical providers who will prescribe PrEP.

Prevention Case Management

Folks at high-risk for HIV are welcome to check-in with AVOL more frequently about goals and efforts in reducing risk for HIV infection, incorporating regular testing into these visits is another great way to stay on top of your health status.

Connectivity to health services

AVOL’s prevention specialists and housing assistance coordinators are extremely knowledgeable of available health services in the community and how these services can be obtained.

Housing Services

AVOL’s housing services include short and long-term rental assistance and subsidies, transitional housing, and long-term community housing for persons with advanced HIV

Crisis alleviation for persons living with HIV

Through various safety net sources including the generosity of local donors, AVOL may be able to help address a need that can help a family stabilize and get back on their feet. Availability of funding and eligibility criteria may apply.

Safe Affordable Housing Assessment/Inspection

Before we will provide rental assistance, AVOL staff provide property inspections to ensure safety and affordability.

Landlord Communications/Negotiations

We can assist in bridging communications and bring clarity of understanding between tenants and landlords.  We have found that misunderstandings are often resolved through the help of a third party.

Household Care Packages

Once enrolled in one our programs, we have limited access to monthly household care packs with cleaning and personal supplies for eligible individuals.

Transportation Assistance

Once enrolled in one our programs, we have limited access to bus passes and cab vouchers for eligible individuals to assist with travel to medical appointments, social services, and employment.

Client Events

AVOL hosts a number of social events each year for persons living with HIV in our community including our annual Summer Cook-Out and Holiday Party in December.