Mission, Vision, and Values

AVOL Kentucky’s mission is to collaborate with communities to END HIV in Kentucky.
Our work strives for:

Increasing the number of people living with HIV who know their HIV status


Reducing the number of Kentuckians with newly acquired HIV 

Increasing the number of people living with HIV connected to medical care

 Increasing the number of people living with HIV who are virally suppressed

Eliminating disparities in HIV outcomes




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Services Overview

The tools available today to fight HIV are more effective than ever. We now know that people living with extremely low levels of HIV will not pass the virus along to others. This “viral suppression” involves many factors, the most important of which is that persons living with HIV remain engaged in medical care and medication adherence. Our housing, support and empowerment services have proven to reinforce and support medical adherence, leading to viral suppression. PrEP, an effective daily pill taken to prevent the transmission of HIV, is becoming increasingly accessible. Through these elements and traditional tried and true approaches like increasing access to testing, advocating condom use, education, reducing barriers, and raising awareness, together, WE CAN End HIV in Kentucky.

Upcoming Event

Good Foods Co-Op is not only good eats, but its good works! Every year, Good Foods Co-op participates in Dining Out For Life to support AVOL and our mission to END HIV for good! Thank you! 💙
The café at Good Foods is truly amazing and has something for everyone no matter what their diet may... be! Stop in for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, or dinner! Support those who support AVOL! ⬅ check out our event page for all Dining Out For Life details!
#ENDHIV #AVOLforKY #dineoutlex #DOFL #thankyou #EndHIVStigma

Cheers to the weekend and cheers to Coles 735 Main! Every year, Coles 735 Main participate in AVOL's Dining Out For Life. This year is no exception! Thank you for your unwavering commitment and support of AVOL and Dining Out For Life!
Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 15th and ...make your reservation now to Dine Out For Life! Remember every meal has the power to impact the community!
#AVOLforKY #ENDHIV #dineoutlex #DOFL #thankyou #sharethelex ⬅️ check out our event page for all the DOFL details!

Happy Birthday Broomwagon Coffee + Bikes ! We hope you have the best birthday ever and we celebrate you today!
Supporting our Dining Out For Life restaurant partners is very important to us. Broomwagon has participated in Dining Out For Life in the past and will be participating this year! Pop today and show them some love 💙
Thank you Broomwagon!

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There's nothing sweeter than continued support from restaurant partners in our community who participate in Dining Out For Life. Well, maybe the gelato at Sorella Gelateria could compare! 🍨
Thank you Sorella Gelateria for participating in Dining Out For Life 2022 on September 15th! ...Thank you for supporting AVOL this year, as well as in the past! Support those who support AVOL and visit Sorella Gelateria! 💙
#AVOLforKY #ENDHIV #EndHIVStigma #dineoutlex #DOFL #thankyou #sharethelex

AVOL Kentucky staff spent the week carefully gathering items that may be helpful for relief efforts in Eastern Kentucky. Today we dropped them off and it felt good doing are part! #TeamKentucky #AVOLforKY

Starting Thursday, August 4 - Lexington-Fayette County Health Department will make same day appointments available for the monkeypox (MPX) vaccine for qualified at-risk individuals. More information available at

You may call the phone number... indicated to discuss your risk with a trained vaccine specialist and set appointments.

Please help us by sharing with others. #mpx There is a lot of fear out there and we want people to have the best/most current information and services available.

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Monkeypox in Kentucky update - AVOL

Update 8.3.2022 Lexington-Fayette County Health Department will begin making same-day post monkeypox vaccine appointments for qualified individuals...

Donuts make any morning better. 🍩 Did you know that North Lime Coffee & Donuts - Limestone has partnered with AVOL in the past and this year for Dining Out For Life? Thank you for your continued support!
With their support every year, AVOL can continue to offer crucial services to our such as always free, fast, and confidential HIV testing at our offices and in our mobile van throughout the community.
Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 15th for Dining Out For Life Bluegrass! Visit North Lime Coffee and donuts for breakfast or that mid-afternoon coffee run. Every meal has the power to impact the community!
#dineoutlex #DOFL #ENDHIV #EndHIVStigma #AVOLforKY #thankyou #eatforacause

Cheers to Nate's Coffee for your continuous support of AVOL and for participating in Dining Out For Life 2022 on September 15th! Thank you thank you!
Nate's Coffee now has two amazing locations downtown at 125 Cheapside and also Nate's Coffee Hideaway next to Harvey's on ...Main St. Start your day off right and grab a way cool cup of coffee 😎 from Nate's and support those who support AVOL! 💙
#AVOLforKY #ENDHIV #EndHIVStigma #DOFL #dineoutlex #thankyou #eatforacause