Mission, Vision, and Values

AVOL Kentucky’s mission is to collaborate with communities to END HIV in Kentucky.
Our work strives for:

Increasing the number of people living with HIV who know their HIV status


Reducing the number of Kentuckians with newly acquired HIV 

Increasing the number of people living with HIV connected to medical care

 Increasing the number of people living with HIV who are virally suppressed

Eliminating disparities in HIV outcomes




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Services Overview

The tools available today to fight HIV are more effective than ever. We now know that people living with extremely low levels of HIV will not pass the virus along to others. This “viral suppression” involves many factors, the most important of which is that persons living with HIV remain engaged in medical care and medication adherence. Our housing, support and empowerment services have proven to reinforce and support medical adherence, leading to viral suppression. PrEP, an effective daily pill taken to prevent the transmission of HIV, is becoming increasingly accessible. Through these elements and traditional tried and true approaches like increasing access to testing, advocating condom use, education, reducing barriers, and raising awareness, together, WE CAN End HIV in Kentucky.

Upcoming Event

🎁 This winter, the need for warm, safe homes is critical. Support AVOL Kentucky's mission during the holiday season to assist households in meeting housing costs when incomes fall short. #AVOLforKY #HousingISHealthcare #Homefortheholidays

AVOL is thankful today to Bluegrass Runners for including us as a featured charity at today's annual Thoroughbred Classic 5K. 3,000 runners and volunteers showed up early for fun and community. Thank you, Bluegrass Runners!

AVOL Kentucky sincerely thanks our incredible restaurant partners, generous sponsors, and amazing community! Together, we raised an outstanding $115,000 during this year's Dining Out For Life on September 14th! 🙌 Your support fuels our mission to end HIV stigma and supports those living ...with chronic health conditions in our community. Let's continue striving forward together! 🌈💪

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We can't wait for Dining Out For Life 2024 on Thursday, September 19th!

Our sponsors keep Dining Out For Life happening year after year; thank you, Woodford Reserve, Advantage Air HVAC, Winterwood, Inc. Gilead Sciences, Alliance Medical and Home Care,, and Republic Bank!

We've been adopted by Mirror Twin Brewing Co. this week, and we are truly thankful! Stop in for a pint, pizza, and learn a little bit more about AVOL Kentucky and our mission to stop the stigma associated with HIV and other chronic health conditions. We've placed the elephant in the room!... Stop by to find out what it is that nobody is talking about! #AVOLforKy #Gratitude #mirrortwin

It's time to acknowledge that "Housing is Healthcare" and unlock the immense "Healing Power of Home." #AVOLforKY #housingishealthcare

We must urge policymakers, healthcare providers, and the community to recognize that housing is a fundamental human right, not a luxury. Investing in affordable housing and support services is an investment in a healthier, more just, and prosperous future. #AVOLforKY #housingishealthcare

Support Mirror Twin Brewing and AVOL next week!

Recognizing that "Housing is Healthcare" and understanding the "Healing Power of Home" is not just a moral obligation but of local, national, and global significance. AVOL Kentucky's programs show that we can reshape healthcare and promote well-being for all. #AVOLforKY ...#housingishealthcare