HeartStrings: Affordable Housing, Healthy Living

Feb 13, 2024

Building Healthier Communities: Stonewall Terrace, Solomon House, and the Launch of HeartStrings

We are excited to introduce HeartStrings to you, a new initiative set to launch on March 14th. HeartStrings aims to draw attention to the crucial connection between adequate and affordable housing and improved health outcomes. As part of our kickoff event, we’ll gather for breakfast and be joined by special guest Dr. Steven Stack, Kentucky Commissioner for Public Health. We hope those in the business community, housing advocates, developers, property managers, social workers, medical providers, first responders, healthcare workers, and others interested will join us to learn more about the benefits of affordable housing as a practical resource for improved health outcomes.

It’s been over a year since AVOL Kentucky and Winterwood, Inc. opened Stonewall Terrace, a 26-unit affordable housing development designed for medically vulnerable individuals. This milestone project involved many organizations, including Kentucky Housing Corporation, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Hope of the Midwest, and local architects, construction companies, contractors, and craftspeople. Reflecting on our experiences in our first year of operation, we can reaffirm what we’ve long suspected: Housing IS Healthcare!

At Stonewall Terrace, we’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of providing stable, affordable housing. By locating essential support services onsite, a holistic environment that promotes the well-being of our residents has evolved. This approach improves their quality of life and is a helpful resource for property managers and landlords, mitigating the risk of eviction and fostering a thriving community.

However, our work doesn’t end here. Alongside Stonewall Terrace stands AVOL’s Solomon House, another cornerstone in our mission to address the critical needs of our community’s citizens living with HIV. Together, these initiatives represent a commitment to increasing the availability of affordable housing stock with an eye toward the future of more that can be done.

HeartStrings is an opportunity for our community to gather and reaffirm our commitment to creating healthier, more equitable, and stable housing opportunities for all. By raising awareness and mobilizing resources, we can address systemic barriers to housing and healthcare, ensuring every individual can thrive.

Proceeds from HeartStrings will be added to the developing Timothea Branham Memorial Housing Development and Assistance Fund at AVOL Kentucky. This fund will help maintain our current facilities, leverage new development opportunities, and assist those facing eviction. The Branham Fund is AVOL’s version of an ‘affordable housing fund’, so we can do our part with local government, developers, and the entire industry who can help us achieve the adequate availability of affordable housing in Kentucky. We also honor the memory of AVOL’s beloved colleague, Timothea Branham, by promoting accessible support services at or nearby affordable housing locations and creating subsidies and assistance for those facing eviction.

Please join us; we have a lot of building to do together!

HeartStrings: Affordable Housing, Healthy Living